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Why is it necessary to use recuperators?

Excessive moisture, fungus and mold on the walls, stagnant air, soot, soot, unpleasant odors are signs of lack or insufficient ventilation, which can cause allergies, asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

To ensure a constant supply of fresh air and the outflow of polluted air, it is necessary to have a competent and efficient ventilation system. And it is you who can participate in its construction, knowing only the basics. See for yourself, it’s easy.

Fresh air

The BLAUBERG recuperator system ensures the flow of clean air into the room, regardless of the level of pollution outside the window.

Warm ventilation

Thanks to the recuperation in BLAUBERG devices, the room is ventilated with warm air even in the cold season, which creates maximum comfort for children and adults.

Silent operation

To make your sleep truly sound and sweet, BLAUBERG recuperators operate in a barely audible manner – only 11 dBA in night mode.

Humidity control

For comfortable breathing, it is necessary to maintain a sufficient level of humidity in the room. The humidity sensor in the BLAUBERG heat exchanger will help with this.

Energy efficiency

The BLAUBERG heat exchanger consumes only about 5 W of electricity, which is 3 times less than when the TV is turned off (in standby mode).

Modern design

The minimalist design of the device and its dimensions will harmoniously complement the interior of any room – bedroom, nursery or living room.


  • Warm stale air is extracted from the premise, flows through the ceramic regenerator and transfers its heat energy and moisture to it. 
  • As the ceramic regenerator gets warmed up, the unit switches to the supply mode.
  • Clean cold intake air flows through the regenerator and absorbs accumulated heat and humidity.
  • When the ceramic regenerator is cooled down, the unit switches to the extract air mode.