Sale and installation SAMSUNG air conditioners

Samsung official dealer, permission for high-altitude installation

We sell and install Samsung air conditioners at any height. We carry out all work at the proper height and high level. If you are hot, if your air conditioner blows, makes noise, rumbles, consumes your electricity, eats up your money and nerves, if you are ashamed to show it to a girl, it turned yellow and dusty – you need to urgently change it to Samsung!

Air conditioning Samsung – young, beautiful and economical. It works without noise and dust, creates an amazing microclimate and a feeling of nirvana. By ordering a Samsung air conditioner from us, you will begin to breathe deeply and live a rich life, as well as make many other pleasant purchases with the money saved on electricity.


Official dealer of BLAUBERG in Montenegro

Why is it better to work with us

A modern air conditioner is a rather complicated device. It is not enough just to assemble it during installation, although in this case it will somehow work. The universal installer usually does not have time to study the nuances of all models. That is why we, without trying to embrace the immensity, have chosen one brand (Samsung), which is our narrow specialization. But we know everything about Samsung air conditioners, or almost everything.

Our installation is certified and therefore you receive the maximum firm 2-year guarantee.

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    Promptly, from the nearest warehouse

  • Certified Installation

    Is a guarantee of quality work

  • Company guarantee

    Only with us you can get the maximum brand guarantee

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