Samsung WIND-FREE Mini AJ035TN1DKG/EU 3,5 kW

Samsung WIND-FREE Mini AJ035TN1DKG/EU 3,5 kW



The Samsung WIND-FREE series is an economical and environmentally friendly air conditioner.

The WIND-FREE air conditioner series uses the latest technology to enable efficient use of the air conditioner and enjoy the cool, fresh and healthy air.
This air conditioner has a discreet line design and a smooth front panel that is easy to keep clean.
The WIND-FREE mode makes it economical and environmentally friendly.
Smart Inverter – With the Smart Inverter you save up to 80% energy compared to conventional solutions and offers maximum comfort and precise temperature control.
Good’sleep – thanks to this function you can enjoy a restful sleep. The air conditioner temperature varies depending on the phase of sleep.
Quiet mode – as soon as you turn the control to quiet, the unit reduces the sound pressure level.
Full HD 80 filter – captures up to 80% of suspended dust particles in the air and filters them out.
Turbo mode – instant rapid cooling.
Automatic Drying Exchanger – Prevent the build-up of mould and bacteria in the indoor unit.
Modes – Cooling, Heating, Fan, Dry, Auto.
Automatic restart.

The Samsung air conditioner is equipped with energy efficient digital inverter technology with EER. This maintains the desired temperature without frequent on/off switching, thus consuming less energy. The digital inverter technology is comfortable in the long run while consuming minimum Energy.