Samsung NORDIC Essential

Samsung NORDIC Essential


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Air-to-air heat pumps.

This system does not require much space, so it is practical for heating / cooling one or more rooms, in apartments or small houses.

Air-to-air  heat pumps transfer heat or cold directly to indoor air like air conditioners. The inverter allows you to achieve fast heating and cooling with minimal electricity consumption. The main differences between air-to-air heat pumps and air conditioners are efficiency and operating temperature. Ordinary air conditioners can often only heat to an outdoor temperature of -15ºC, and at negative temperatures their efficiency drops significantly. Meanwhile, air-to-air heat pumps can heat perfectly and efficiently even down to -30ºC, and their adaptation to such conditions allows the equipment to last longer.

The air-to-air system heats only one room, so it is best suited where there is one large space. Air-to-air heat pumps can be combined with all conventional heating systems, thus reducing heating costs, improving indoor air and ensuring a suitable indoor microclimate. This is a great choice for economical and fast space heating.

Advantages of air-to-air heat pump:


There is no need to install a separate heating system, ie radiators or hot air supply ducts.

You get three functions in one system – space heating in winter, cooling in summer and air purification.

Compared to other heating systems, the investment is not large and it pays off quickly.

Air-to-air heat pumps can be installed in any home – both residential and newly built.

The blown air stream agitates the indoor air, drying it slightly, thus preventing the formation and / or spread of mold.

Enjoy a smarter life (AI Auto Comfort)

Enjoy a smarter life with AI Auto Comfort. This feature automatically analyzes room conditions, device usage habits, and optimizes various modes. Depending on your desired temperature, the mode that is best suited to maintain optimal conditions is automatically activated.


Data sheet

Area Of The Room (Up To), M2 40
COP (Nominal Heating) (A7/W35) 3.64
EER (Nominal Cooling) (A7/W35) 3.8
SCOP 4,3
Working Temp. Range For Heating -30~24 ℃
Working Temp. Range For Cooling -15~46 ℃
Wi-Fi Yes