Samsung AJ016TNNDKG/EU 1.6kW R32 Multi-split 4-Way Mini Wind-free Ceiling Cassette

Samsung AJ016TNNDKG/EU 1.6kW R32 Multi-split 4-Way Mini Wind-free Ceiling Cassette


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The versatility of a Samsung multi-split air conditioner allows for the option of connecting an outdoor unit to up to five indoor units. This is the recommended option when the indoor climate of multiple rooms has to be individually managed, such as in houses or small business premises. Samsung is revolutionising the world of air care with award-wining climate systems that are recognised worldwide for their innovative and efficiency. Meet Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free Mini 4-Way Cassette keeps you comfortable without a breeze.

Key Features

• Wind-Free – Wind-free cooling effectively maintains comfortable levels of coolness without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind. Cool air is gently dispersed through 15,672 micro air holes, so you won’t feel too hot or cold
• Maximise energy savings – A motion detection sensor will automatically turn off or change the set temperature based on room occupancy, and learn occupancy patterns to reduce run time between occupied and unoccupied times – use of MDS is optional
• Optimised blades – The larger optimised blades facilitate a wider cooling range and improved air circulation within the room. This advanced technology also cools the space much faster leaving no zone untouched
• Smart comfort operation – The Wind-Free Mini 4-Way Cassette boast smart comfort operation. The fast cooling process helps to achieve the desired temperature in a room quickly. By simultaneously detecting the humidity levels, the smart comfort operation feature maintains the rooms temperature automatically
• Individual blade control – With independent louver control, the four louver blades can be individually set at the same or different angles within a 32-65°range.
• Compact size -The Wind-Free Mini 4-Way Cassette fascia panel is designed to fit in a standard 2×2 ft. ceiling grid without interfering with adjacent ceiling tiles, lights, or sprinkler systems.
• Advanced commissioning and service – The Wind-Free Mini 4-Way Cassette is equipped with a removable EEPROM chip on the main circuit board to store unit option settings, serial number, unit tag, and other field programmed data.
• Quiet air distribution – The aerodynamically designed turbo fan minimizes blade movement noise.  Plus, the turbo fan’s wide blades provide evenly distributed cooling and heating from four separate outlets so the entire room cools down or warms up faster.
• R32 Refrigerant – Protect the planet by reducing the impact of climate change
System Power 1.6 KW